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Blue Slab Built Uniform Dots Textured Mug

Blue Slab Built Uniform Dots Textured Mug

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This porcelain hand-built mug would be great for tea, coffee, or hot cocoa, depending on your mood. This will be the perfect mug if you have small hands, as the handle is smaller than usual. 

It is glazed with an Indigo Float glaze and measures 5 1/4" D(mug rim to end of handle) x 3 1/2" H, weighs 16.4 oz, and holds approx 14 oz of liquid of choice.

PLEASE NOTE that due to variations in computer screen resolutions, the colors as you view them at home may vary slightly from the finished product.


We use a white porcelain clay with grog, which is primarily bone dry clay that is ground up and added to a porcelain clay body. When fired to a cone 6, the clay then becomes vitrified and is able to withstand extremes in temperature and is almost completely impermeable to water.

The glazes and underglazes we use are lead free and are non-toxic.

Care information

Dinnerware Care: As a general rule, avoid the sudden temperature changes (example, from the fridge to the oven). Porcelain should not be placed on direct heat. Place cold dish in a cold oven and then set temperature. Finally, this type of ceramic is non-stick and also microwave and dishwasher safe.


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