• Mike Hanson

    With a background in aerospace and the military, Mike was looking for a new discipline that would let him express himself while still taking advantage of his experience and temperment. Ceramic and clay have been that outlet. The technical aspects of running a busy clay studio, working the kiln and other equipment, satisfy that side of him. Then he can show off his precision and skill with his work on the wheel. And finally he can exercise his patience while wating for the various bakes and glazes. It's become more than a hobby. It's now a lifelong passion.

  • Penny Hanson

    Penny has always fostered her artistic side and talents. From daily doodles to serious pencil sketches, she has gotten comfortable trying new things, throwing herself into art, and trying to stretch new creative muscles. Her work with the handcrafting and pattern side of ceramics has been immensely satisfying and allowed her to move more into the areas she's most interested in while still being able to experiment at will. She's often found out in the studio before the sun is up, in the quiet hours, working on her craft.

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